Resources – futures and forex

Futures FinViz futures quotes FinViz futures performance FinViz futures charts SpreadCharts Forex Forex commentary FX Street Forex Factory Forex Live Raghee Horner from SimplerForex Getting started tutorials Free daily videos Forex tools Longer term currency heatmaps Daytrading currency heatmaps Oanda Forex labs FXSSI tools

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Resources – charts and technical analysis

Charts and technical analysis [font_awesome link=”” icon=”star” color=”000″ size=”16px” margin_right=”” margin_left=”” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””] Our list of market internals charts FinViz FinViz futures performance TradingView Stockcharts FreeStockCharts (note that it doesn’t support Google Chrome) Index indicators Harmonic Fibonacci trading Harmonic Analyzer (download software | user guide) Harmonic Trader (sister site of the above) FormationSeeker (free / paid) Motivewave

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Resources – market commentary

Commentary Leavitt Brothers blog or subscriptions (I subscribe to the “LB Weekly” newsletter) Commentary by Larry Levin Investools MarketForecast videos MarketGauge video updates John Locke video updates eMiniAddict (daily updates | getting started | webinars) Steve Miller (aka AskSlim) weekly market review Futures magazine daily newsletter Price action analysis from Al Brooks Dr Duru ZeroHedge

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The Hedge Space Trip Trade (HSTT) is not a black swan hedge

I’ve done a few presentations on the initial version of the Space Trip Trade (STT), which I call the Hedge STT. Presentation #1 Presentation #2 The Hedge STT is a trade whose primary role is to hedge for a normal downside move. It is not typically considered an income trade, although some people have chosen

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Black Swan Hedge (BSH) versus Teenies

Most traders are always on the lookout for ways of being able to protect their portfolios. You may have existing stocks which you wish to protect, or you might be an options trader, and you need to be able to protect your trades from a Black Swan event. We should start by trying to define

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